What Our Customers Have to Say

"I can't fly with I-pads or other such gimmicks. I don't find them sunlight-readable. But your instruments are, readability-wise, as they say in England, "the cat's whiskers". Why can't Apple and other so-called greats use your screen technology." - NU

"In 2005 I installed your 4 cyl EGT and CHT instrumentation to monitor my new Aerosport 0-360 in my RV-8. Your instruments have worked flawlessly ever since and provide real understanding of whats going on up there all the time. The peace-of-mind that results was worth many times more than what I paid for them. Well done. Thanks!" - GB

"Just a note to say how pleased I am with your product - what a great form factor and display - Easy and straight forward installation - just WOW." - MR

"I had a bad plug recently that only seemed to indicate it's defect between 1900 and 2200 rpm (similar miss thing you described). I was able to tell the mechanic #2 cylinder and under which conditions I observed the oddly lower EGT from the other 3. That focused his attention and troubleshooting to the mis-behaving cylinder."

"I do have to tell you that your have the best product on the market. Great design. Makes any aircraft brand new!" - VA

"The CHT monitoring especially was brilliant for sorting out the baffles over the rear cylinders to get the cooling right. The Aerospace Logic displays are small, tidy and easy to read." - GV

"Awesome addition to my plane - thanks for the clean ez look." - MS

"Since then, I installed the XX Fuel Flow gauge and for the past several flights I have compared the fuel remaining to what is indicated in both tanks and the NUMBERS MATCH. This proves that the gauge is super reliable." - PL

"I decided to install four of their units to replace the PA28-140 cluster: Fuel Gauge, EGT, Oil Pressure and Temp, Fuel Pressure and Amp.

All units have been performing flawlessly. Particularly the Dual Fuel Gauge is very impressive: precise to one gallon: I had the unfortunate occasion to try it!" - WK

"I installed Aerospace Logic's oil temp/pressure gauge a year ago and have been really happy with it. Now I plan to install their fuel level indicator and voltage/amp gauge this spring." - SD