Erase Last Fuel Calibration Step

Only the last step in the calibration sequence can be erased. If more than the last step must be erased then repeat the procedure after saving the data.

The instructions to perform this task are best with an example. Assume that the tank capacity is 26USG and was erroneously calibrated to 28USG.

To erase the 28USG calibration step and save the data for the 26USG tank per form the following:

1. Go into the calibration

2. Select the tank to calibrate/correct

3. Select option "Continue at LAST"

4. The display will show "PREVIOUS 26 ! CURRENT 28". Drain 2 Gallons from the tank. There will then be a RED "X" displayed in the bottom left of the screed. This is the indication that when the top button is pressed the option to save will be provided.

5. Now press the top button. The "End tank calibration" prompt will be on the screen. Select "YES" to permanently erase the 28USG step.

6.If more than one calibration step has to be erased, repeat steps 2 though 5 until the correct tank quantity is recorded. Keep in mind that any mistakes made will require that point to be re calibrated.