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Fuel Flow Kit - Single Engine 30gph

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FF200K30 Single Engine Fuel Flow Kit - 30gph

This kit includes both instrument and fuel flow transducer. The FF200 instrument is an advanced, next generation airborne fuel flow instrument that displays fuel flow in a single fuel line.

Fuel flow functionality is TSO'd and meets the repeatable accuracy requirements of SAE AS407B, +/- 0.1US Gallon per hour.

Functional displays include:

  • Graphical indication of fuel flow
  • Digital display of instantaneous fuel flow
  • Digital display of fuel used since flight commencement
  • Fully programmable color indication to meet all aircraft marking requirements

The FF200K30 instrument kit is TSO'd and STC'd as a primary replacement instrument under all flight conditions (day/night VFR and IFR).

The FF200K instrument kit includes the full installation wiring harness, fuel flow transducer for a maximum fuel flow of 30gph and all necessary install hardware for the instrument. Installer supplied couplings are needed to be supplied by the installer to mate to the fuel flow transducer, as required.

Certification / Compliance
TSO C44b
Canadian STC
Certified as primary replacement



DC Power Source
Input voltage 6 to 36 VDC
Power consumption 100mA
Load dump tolerance +60V
Direct spike tolerance +/- 60V
Cable spike tolerance > +/- 1KV

Operating Temperature
Constant operating -15ºC to +55ºC
Short term operating (1hr) -40ºC to +70ºC
Storage -55ºC to +85ºC

Signal Input
Pulse width modulated DC. 0-5V

AS407B +/- 0.1 USG/hr

Display Units
US Gallons per hour or Litres per hour, user selectable

0.6 to 30 USG/hr

Sunlight readable LCD
80º Viewing angle from all directions
Internal and external intensity control

Annunciator Output
100mA sink with reverse EMF protection

Interface Connector

Software Functionality
Primary Display: Instantaneous fuel flow in graphic and digital forms, total fuel used since flight commencement
Trend Graph: Graphic display of flow vs time, instantaneous fuel flow

2.45” X 2.45” X 0.96”

Weight (excluding harness)
4.05 oz

Black anodized 6061 aluminum

Product Manual - Rev 5 (FF200X_Manual_Rev_1.4.pdf, 440 Kb) [Download]

A200-201A-6 Fuel Flow Installation Instructions (A200-201A-6_Installation_Instructions_-_Rev_1.0.pdf, 16 Kb) [Download]