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A200-TEC15 EGT Probe Kit

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The A200-TEC15 is a Type-K ungrounded, fast response EGT thermocouple probe kit that will fit an exhaust with an outside diameter of 1 1/4" to 1 3/4". Each probe kit includes:

  • One EGT probe with 4' twisted shielded leads and male shielded thermocouple connector.
  • One 1 1/2" aircraft grade 316 stainless steel ring clamp.
  • Optional female polarized and shielded connector for connection to instrument harness.

Using an Inconel 600 sheath these probes have been designed and tested for continuous operation exceeding 2200ºF! Short-term exposures to higher temperatures are also possible. The insulation shield is a non-vitrified high purity magnesium oxide (MgO). Superior resistance to oxidation attack results from a tenacious and protective high temperature film that does not affect the stability of the thermocouple alloys. This film permits the sensor to be used at ultra-high temperatures for prolonged periods with improved accuracy over other available sheath materials.

The probes are supplied with a 90º insertion bend but this can be reformed in the field based upon the specific installation.

The probe is fused to the thermocouple conductor in a precision transition junction that protects the connection under all environmental conditions.

Finally the measured potential is carried to the instrument using high temperature Teflon insulated thermocouple wire that can endure temperatures up to 500ºF.

The connectors have a simple snap connection mechanism that allows easy removal and reattachment while retaining complete thermocouple junction integrity.

When installed in accordance with the approved instructions and as part of a qualified instrument system, this thermocouple is STC'd as a primary replacement.

For use with all Aerospace Logic exhaust gas instruments.

Installation Instructions - Clamp EGT Probes (A200-TEC_Installation_Instructions_-_Rev_1.1.pdf, 13 Kb) [Download]