Cirrus Aircraft Fuel Level Retrofit System


The CiES fuel level sensor utilizes a magnetic pair located on the float arm which is detected by a non-contact sensor outside the tank. This level sensor system is vibration immune and is ideal for fuel or other liquid level sending for all aviation applications.

Accurate Fuel Management Starts with Accurate Fuel Measurement


CiES Inc. binary sensor system allows a distinct address for a multitude of float level locations. Multiple distinct and repeatable float level locations allow the display to more accurately depict the actual fuel level in the tank.

FAA Certified and installed in current production aircraft.

This sensor component is a paradigm shift for fuel level in sub 12,500 lb aircraft. The sensor system provides unprecedented accuracy and reliability in a difficult operational environment.

Environmentally tested to DO-160˙F

Application Notes
The Aerospace Logic Display will show a unique fuel imbalance alarm methodology tailored for each aircraft installation.

Installation Centers

Corporate Flight Management
276 Doug Warpoole Rd
Smyrna, TN 37167
(615) 220-2957

Lone Mountain Aircraft
2830 North Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(888) 566-3686

CiES Fuel & IPS level sensors are factory installed in all new CIRRUS SR20 & SR22 production aircraft

Retrofit for Center Gauge
Aerospace Logic has worked with CIES to develop a fuel level indicator that is compatible with our unique output.

Provides an effective Fuel Imbalance Warning.

CIES Sending Unit
The CIES sending unit is a direct physical retrofit replacement for the existing sender as illustrated to the left.

However, wiring changes are required to integrate these level sensors into your aircraft as the CIES Fuel Level sensors output digital data and not the resistance analog information from the existing senders.