For CiES Digital Senders

All "D" Series products require CiES Inc. CC Series Fuel Level Sender P/N CC284022-()-()

Installation of the fuel sender is STC'd with all FL20XD products.

The correct fuel level senders for your aircraft must be purchased from CiES

You MUST read, understand and perform all items listed in our

FL20XD and CiES Inc. Fuel Level Senders

document BEFORE doing anything relating to our FL20xD products

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Single Tank Fuel Level

US$871.00   US$819.00

Two Tank Fuel Level

US$956.00   US$899.00

Three Tank Fuel Level

US$1,067.00   US$1,003.00

Four Tank Fuel Level

US$1,177.00   US$1,106.00

Five Tank Fuel Level

US$1,287.00   US$1,210.00

Six Tank Fuel Level

US$1,397.00   US$1,313.00