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CHT Bayonet Probes (A200-TCB) in Franklin Engine

A200-TCB Installation Instructions. I have read these instructions but they don't say how far to insert the thermocouple probes into the cylinder head thermocouple wells. Should they be inserted until they touch the bottom of the well or should the tip not touch the bottom of the well?

How tight do you tighten the nut on the thermocouple well fitting?

I am installing this kit on a Franklin 350 cu. in. engine which has 1/8 NPT threads in the cylinder head. Not sure but the supplied fitting may need to be replaced.

The probes and supplied fittings are so designed that they will seat correctly when installed. The tip must not contact the thermowell and (again) the design ensures that. Unless the bend of the probe is altered (allowable) the probe will settle approximately 1/4" above the rim of the compression fitting.

It is standard practice to finger tighten the compression lock nut and then 1/2 turn with an appropriate wrench.

The Lycoming, Continental and Franklin thermowells are 3/8-24 UNF thread.
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