200 Series Features


  • Every 200 Series instrument relies upon the same operations protocol. A simplified, two button human interface system allows access to every function.

Primary Display

  • On power up the instrument enters a primary display state. They may be operated permanently in this state or additional advanced features can be activated directly from the front panel.

Trend Graphing

  • Display real-time performance data in graphic form while still retaining the primary functionality. A variable time base can be selected to provide the exact data required.

External Alarm Output

  • 200mA sink output alarm that triggers on all alarm conditions. May be interfaced to the CA200 instrument or any other alarm annunciator.


Comprehensive certification suite including:

  • Full certification as primary replacements
  • Canadian STC
  • Comprehensive AML covering in excess of 900 aircraft models

Low Current Drain

  • Requires less than 100mA. Works on all 14V and 28V aircraft systems. 6V-36V operation capability.

Zero Contact Senders and Probes

  • Every signal is completely isolated from the aircraft systems.
  • Thermocouples are ungrounded, eliminating ground loop issues common with the majority of other products.
  • Temperature and pressure sensors are completely isolated from the aircraft while making contact with the measurable medium.
  • Aircraft current measurements are made using an electrically isolated connection, protecting instrumentation from the harsh electrical system.

Simple Connection Interface

  • A standard DB25 interface connector is provided on the rear of the instrument for easy installation and removal.
  • Complete, fully built installation harness included with each kit.

Tiny Footprint

Each instrument measures only 0.96" in depth. This allows for:

  • Easier installations (more workspace behind the instrument).
  • Much lower panel loading factor due to the reduced moment force on the panel face.
  • Installation into reduced space locations that were previously not possible.

Standard Form Factor

  • Fits a standard 2 ¼” aircraft mounting hole.