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*** COVID-19 OPERATIONS UPDATE ***     Date added: 03/24/2020

During this difficult time for the world we are here to support our global customer base. This includes General and Commercial Aviation, Government and Military.

At this time it is "Operations as normal with caution". We continue to manufacture and ship most products without any supply chain or other delays at this time. We have seen a significant increase in orders over the last days and weeks which may extend manufacture timelines, depending on the product. We do hold a significant component inventory and do not foresee any supply issues in the foreseeable future.

UPS and FedEx continue to provide daily pickup and delivery service to our location however, delivery may be effected based on the delivery location and shipping infrastructure. .

Please note: Our facility is now closed until further notice to all persons except employees and designated government employees. All access, except employees, is by appointment ONLY.

Should any of the above change we will provide notice on our website. The situation is reviewed daily.

We wish all health and safety at this time and look forward to the future of clear skies.