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Digital Fuel Level in C182 - This says it all!     Date added: 10/19/2018

This video is a customer's overview of the installation of our FL202D fuel level instrument with the CiES senders

The following is a quote from the customer's website:

This is a huge upgrade for my flying, finally I have gauges I can trust, now it show exactly how much fuel I have in my fuel tanks, this senders are new technology and they are reliable and accurate.

I was always surprised at how inaccurate were the fuel gauges in most GA airplanes, I had the visual measurement with the stick and the fuel totalizer, it worked, but still the gauges always read whatever they wanted to read.

The CiES senders uses magnetic field technology vs the old resistive technology of old senders, also they are a direct replacement of the old Cessna senders in my 182, install was easy and quick.

It gives me a peace of mind that I never had before with the Cessna gauges.

Many times I fly with low fuel to keep the weight down to land in gravel bars or short strips, before I was relying in the fuel totalizer, now the gauges tell me exactly how much fuel each tank has, also good to adjust the vent tube accordingly so both tanks use the fuel more balanced, instead of one a lot more than the other.

I just wish I have done this before.

The Aerospace Logic guages are the perfect complement, very accurate and easy to calibrate, you can also program a yellow and a red color to the amount of fuel so those are your personal reserves, also can put a low fuel warning light and program it with the amount of fuel you think is more appropriate to your kind of flying.

This highly recommend this upgrade to all pilots who fly legacy airplanes.