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Date added: 12/30/2009 FAA STC
The FAA STC for all 200 Series instruments is being co-ordinated by Transport Canada under file # NAPA 09-0999.
Date added: 12/24/2009 Merry Christmas - 200 Series STC'd!

08:35, 24 December, 2009
We have been infomed that the Canadian STC for all 200 Series instruments had been signed! We received an electronic copy and it has been added to the site content (see 200 Series Certifications).

Within the next 7-10 days all originals, including the approved Eligibility List, will be received and added.

Next Steps:

  • We expect manufacturing approval during the first two weeks of January 2010,
  • the FAA STC within 60-90 days, and
  • public release within 7 business days of receipt of the FAA STC.

Date added: 12/07/2009 STC Documentation Submission
All documentation for the issue of the Canadian STC, which forms the basis of the FAA STC has been submitted. The draft STC has been completed and is part of the document submission package. No further action is required of Aerospace Logic Inc. for compliance and the issue of the Canadian STC.
Date added: 12/01/2009 STC Compliance Review
A comprehensive review of the STC document submission has been conducted as well as planning for the draft STC. Documentation to be formally submitted on December 7, 2009. The Canadian STC is expected to be issued during the week of December 14, 2009.
Date added: 11/10/2009 200 Series STC Compliance Flight

On November 10, 2009 the final STC compliance flight was conducted. The flight and ground performance the 200 Series instruments was validated by a Transport Canada Senior Aircraft Certification Engineer.

The final STC documentation review, including all flight test data, will be conducted On December 1, 2009.

The Canadian STC for all 200 Series instruments is expected before year end.

The FAA STC is expected early 2010. Product manufacturing will commence shortly thereafter.

Date added: 11/03/2009 200 Series STC Compliance Status

The final STC compliance flight is scheduled for Tuesday November 10, 2009, subject to weather conditions.

Date added: 10/10/2009 200 Series TSO Approval

On Friday, October 7th, 2009 we were informed that the TSO certification on all new products had been approved!

The TSO process for Phase 1 is now complete.

Date added: 09/15/2009 200 Series Final TSO Review

The final TSO review for the initial one hundred and twenty seven 200 Series products was concluded today, September 15, 2009.