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Date added: 11/15/2010 200 Series - Phase 2 - TSO Application

We have today formally submitted our TSO application for the second grouping of the 200 Series products. As the process moves forward we will announce progress at the key points.

Date added: 10/30/2010 Wanted! Your Panel Pictures

We are looking for your panel pictures that have our 200 Series products installed. While we have plenty from our flight test program, there is nothing like customer owned panel pictures. Besides, our customers, like you, are always interested to see them!

Cessna 185

Cessna A185F
Piper PA28

Piper PA28

But we don't expect you to go to the effort for nothing! For all pictures submitted before February 28, 2011 we will provide product discount coupons as follows:

Instruments Installed
Discount Coupon
1 - 2
3 - 5

Discount coupons are valid for 3 years and are fully transferable. Qualifying pictures will have the 200 Series instruments clearly visible and operational. Ground, air, day and night pictures are acceptable.

Email all submissions to panelpics@aerospacelogic.com. Please include your name and aircraft type. Discount coupons will be issued before images are published.

Date added: 10/30/2010 Website Changes

On October 27th our website hosting company was the victim of a malicious attack on a large number of their hosted websites. We took this opportunity to perform some additional updates and changes to our website. During this time our website was inaccessible at certain times. If you attempted to access it and were unsuccessful we apologize for any convenience.

We have now established an independent mirror website which will allow us to provide a 100% uptime web presence!

As of October 30th all systems are fully functional. Please take a moment to refresh your browser cache (press "Ctrl" + "F5") from our main page (www.aerospacelogic.com) to ensure that all links and site access reflect current data.


Date added: 08/31/2010 American Bonanza Society Convention

ABS Annual Convention

Visit us at the 2010 ABS Convention in Buffalo, September 22-25, in booth #50. We will have a number of live 200 Series instrument demonstrations, installation configurations, in flight and performance videos plus a 10% discount for all orders placed during the conference!

For further information on attending the convention please contact the American Bonanza Society.

Date added: 08/05/2010 200 Series - FAA STC Received!
FAA STC 1,280 days!

That's what it took from that first winter's day early February 2007 when the 200 Series design team started out with a sheet of blank paper. Over 3 1/2 years later we received our final certification, the FAA STC for all 127 products.

With this single document the first phase of the 200 Series product range has been fully completed. Phase 2 is already well under way.

We want to thank everyone who has been part of this project for all the help and especially patience in achieving this milestone. Without your help we would not be here today!

With immediate effect all 200 Series products are hereby released and available for installation as primary or secondary instruments on all 934 eligible aircraft as listed on our FAA Approved Model List.

Date added: 06/24/2010 200 Series Official Release Advertisement
Date added: 06/22/2010 200 Series - FAA STC Approved
We have been informed this morning that as of 06/21/2010 all aspects of the FAA STC process for our 200 Series instruments are to be approved and that the preparation and issuance of the STC is scheduled for the week of June 28, 2010.
Date added: 06/02/2010 Aircraft Spruce Canada - Super Sale & Fly-In
We will be an exhibiting vendor at the June 5, 2010 Aircraft Spruce Canada - Super Sale & Fly-In. There will be a number of 200 Series products and displays available as well as a special discount for attendees, applicable only on this day.

For more information please visit the Aircraft Spruce announcement.

Date added: 06/02/2010 200 Series Canadian Release

2 June 2010, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The Aerospace Logic Inc. design and certification team are pleased to announce the Canadian release of the first one hundred and twenty seven products of their new 200 Series next generation instrumentation!

Each product is fully certified for installation as primary use into over 900 different aircraft models under Canadian STC. Our FAA STC approval is imminent. Instruments for which a TSO standard exist are also qualified to that standard. All instruments are qualified to meet DO-160(F), airborne standards for environmental conditions and DO-178(B) software design and integrity.

Software Engineering team lead Lionel Goedvolk and Hardware Engineering team lead Shane Goedvolk have taken the designs from concept to full certification in just under three years - a new product in almost every 10 days! Using a primary core system approach the patent pending hardware design allows total flexibility of the physical platform. By simply loading a different software core through a microSD card the hardware can assume different instrumentation functionality.

We have effectively created the PC of aircraft instrumentation in a tiny 2.25" package. These units provide the full functionality of current day flat panel systems while providing complete system redundancy plus many features and functions that have never before been available to pilots.

Date added: 05/25/2010 One More Item for the FAA STC
We received the following from the FAA via Transport Canada at approximately 17:10 today:

I wanted to get back with you regarding our progress in reviewing the subject applicant's STC documentation. The remaining review that needed to take place here was with our flight test organization. They have reviewed the documentation and we are in agreement that we would like to request that the following language/paragraph be added to the Installation Compliance Section of each instrument manual. Most of the language is very similar to that contained in the Aerospace Logic Compliance document. We will also add the following language to the FAA STC document that we intend to issue for this project.

" The products are to be installed in existing panel holes and will replace existing instrumentation. As primary replacement products it is recommended and preferred that they be placed in the same panel location as the original equipment. Their visibility and placement relative to other instruments are the same or similar to the existing instruments. Where they are installed in a different location it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that they are visible to the pilot under all conditions"

We will prepare the necessary document changes and forward the revision within 24 hours.