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Date added: 03/20/2014 Flight Instruments - Phase 1 - Update 4

STC Certification Plan Accepted

20-MAR-2014. Our Product Specific Certification Plan (PSCP) for the issue of the Canadian STC for our Altimeter and Vertical Speed Indicator has been accepted by Transport Canada.

The Schedule of Events, which is weather dependent for some items, targets 7-May through 13-June for the issue of the Canadian STC for our ALT200 and VSI200(X).

First production units will ship within 7 days of receipt of the STC.

Date added: 01/13/2014 Flight Instruments - Phase 1 - Update 3

TSO Data Submitted

13-JAN-2014. The complete TSO data package for our new ALT200 Altimeter, VSI200 VSI and VSI200E VSI with encoder has been submitted to Transport Canada. This concludes our portion of compliance for the TSO on these products.

The documentation will be reviewed by Transport Canada and if satisfactory will then be forwarded to the NY ACO for review and issue or the TSO's.



Date added: 12/17/2013 Flight Instruments - Phase 1 - Update 2

Compliant - All Tests!

17-DEC-2013. We are please to announce that we have successfully completed all DO-160, AS392C, AS8009 Rev B, AS8016 Rev A and AS8003 test requirements for our new ALT200 Altimeter, VSI200 VSI and VSI200E VSI with encoder. This concludes the testing and conformance program for the TSO on each unit.

The final TSO report and all required data will be presented to Transport Canada during the first week of January 2014.



Date added: 12/10/2013 Flight Instruments - Phase 1 - Update 1

Compliant - All Environmental Tests!

10-DEC-2013. The last of the DO-160 Environmental Tests have been successfully completed on our new Altimeter and VSI. Three electrical tests remain to be demonstrated to Transport Canada and this will take place on 17-DEC, as planned.

Date added: 12/02/2013 Flight Instruments - Phase 1

After almost two years of work we now have only a few TSO demonstration tests to perform and our Altimeter and VSI TSO design and test process will be complete. We received the TSO Test Plan approval from Transport Canada in March of this year and by 17-December will have complied with all aspects.

First public video of our new ALT200 and VSI200 series instruments. We will be adding a lot more video over the next weeks detailing specifics and features!

Date added: 07/02/2013 Engine Management at it's Best!
Xtreme Decathlon

Aerobatics Australia using Aerospace Logic 200 Series products for full engine management in their new Xtreme Decathlon.

" I filled the aircraft tanks, flew for a while, and it showed I used 16.5 ltrs. Then I filled the tanks, and sure enough, it too 16.5 ltrs! - GD"


Date added: 03/21/2013 Revised FAA AML Received

We received our revised FAA AML today. It reflects a number of new aircraft as well as the current document list.

It is available for download in the "200 Series Certifications" section of our website, using the "Approved Model List (AML) - Rev 2 Instruments" link.

Date added: 03/03/2013 Accurate Fuel Measurement - Cirrus Aircraft

Aerospace Logic Inc. has released the TSO'd version of FL202G fuel level instrument that is designed to be used in conjunction with CIES Inc. fuel senders.
“You run out of gas now….your ticket should be pulled!”
.... Wells Aircraft, Hutchinson, KS

Providing an accurate means of fuel level measurement is just one of the many things we have done for the past 13 years. Now with new sender technology things get even better but don't just take our word; read what Wells Aircraft of Hutchinson, KS has to say!

Date added: 02/20/2013 Fuel Level Calibration Video

Before calibrating your new 200 Series Fuel Level instrument please take 10 minutes to watch this informative video. Everything you see here is exactly what you will see and experience as part of the calibration process; all of which is displayed on your instrument during calibration.

Viewing this video will allow you to ask us any questions (should you have them) before the calibration and installation.

This video does not cover calibration for the FL202P (Piper Aircraft OEM product) and the FL202G (Cirrus Aircraft retrofit product).

Date added: 01/02/2013 New Products for 2013

We are pleased to announce that on 20-DEC-2012 we received the final documentation for the STC amendment for all our 200 Series Phase 2 products PLUS the STC amendment for approval of the FL202G using CIES Inc. fuel senders for Cirrus Aircraft.

The following is a brief summary on the new products that are now available as fully certified, primary or secondary instruments:

  • ECT204 four cylinder EGT / CHT combination instrument kits
  • FF200 single engine fuel flow (two variants for 30gph and 60gph maximum flow rates)
  • FF202 dual engine fuel flow (two variants for 30gph and 60gph maximum flow rates)
  • FL2X1 single tank fuel level instruments (three model variants based on sender type)
  • FL202G two tank fuel instrument and CIES Inc. fuel sender system, for Cirrus aircraft models only
  • MF200 combined manifold pressure and fuel flow instrument (two variants for 30gph and 60gph maximum flow rates)
  • MP200 single manifold pressure instrument kit
  • MT200 combination manifold pressure and tachometer kits (four variants based on magneto sensor type)
  • TM202 dual tachometer (three variants based on magneto sensor type)

In addition to the above, the intensity connection revision has been approved for all 200 Series products. This eliminates the use of the "day/night" switch and allows connection and intensity control direct from the panel rheostat or intensity controller.

Full product details, images and manuals will be on our website by 24-DEC in the section entitled "New for 2013" as well as the specific product categories.

All necessary approval documents have been placed in the "200 Series Certifications" section of our website. They are identified as the latest revision number of all the applicable documents.